[1.16.5][虚无世界]虚无崛起 —— 「你自虚无中醒来,又将前往何方?」

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9c35072c1a5a811f.png[1.16.5][虚无世界]虚无崛起 —— 「你自虚无中醒来,又将前往何方?」


整合介绍 – Introduction

Neverise 是一个以虚无世界3为核心的魔改整合包。AoA3 模组版本:3.6.6。
Neverise is a deeply-tweaked modpack centered on Advent of Ascension mod. AoA3 mod version: 3.6.6.
Although it’s deeply tweaked, this modpack is not very hard now, and even belongs to easy modpacks.

  • 沃利的洞穴夸克Caves & Cliffs Backport 构成的洞穴,鞘翅飞行不再是梦。远古岩石现在已会在地下自然生成,挖掘后有概率掉落空白纯宝石
  • Caves beautified by Worley’s Caves, Quark, Caves & Cliffs Backport makes elytra flight in caves no longer a  daydream.
  • 前期装备由 Piggy Bank、Guns Without Roses 和 MC Story Mode Armors 构成,中后期装备以虚无自身承担,所有盔甲的耐久已经翻倍,并由来自苦痛长河的魔咒、Modifiers 的词缀强化。由于武器投掷模组,你还可以丢出你的武器,获得更高的伤害翻倍。另外,由于Cursery模组的存在,你需要习惯装备上的诅咒,它们也是你冒险路上的一部分。
  • The equipments in early game stage is composed of Piggy Bank and MC Story Mode Armors, and in middle and late stage you should choose the armor from AoA3. The durability of all armors has been doubled, and you can strengthen them by the books from Flowing Agony and Modifiers. Thanks to the Weapon Throw mod, you can also throw your weapons for a higher damage doubling. What’s more, due to the Cursery mod, you need to get used of the curses on your gears, which is also part of you adventure.
  • 精心挑选的结构模组:Valhelsia StructuresShrines Structures墓园YUNG的矿井优化YUNG的要塞重制YUNG’s ExtrasYUNG的桥,包含奖励箱结构模组的战利品表、生成率均已被修改,以达到融洽的世界生成。
  • Carefully selected structures mods: Valhelsia Structures, Shrines Structures, The Graveyard, YUNG’s better Mineshafts, YUNG’s better Stronghold, YUNG’s Bridges. The loot chests and spwan rates of all structures have been tweaked for harmonious world generation.
  • 因为 AoA3 的特殊性,整合包并没有加入太多关于群系的模组(在其它模组的群系中,AoA3 生物的生成率会受到影响),只是使用了Environmental 对原版群系进行了些许点缀(Environmental 自带的群系也已经被禁止生成)。
  • Because of the particularity of AoA3, this modpack does not add too many mods about biomes (in the biomes of other mods, the generation rates of AoA3 creatures will be affected), but only uses Environmental to make a little bit embellishment for the vanilla biomes (Environmental’s own biomes have also been disabled from spawning).
  • 末影龙在 Savage Ender DragonEnderling InvadersMajrusz 的进阶难度Outvoted 的加持下已不再是原来那个弱小的废龙。
  • With Savage Ender Dragon, Enderling Invaders, Majrusz’s progressive difficulty, Outvoted mods, the Ender Dragon in this modpack is not weak anymore.
  • 结构找不到?没关系,去模组相关的资料页(MC 百科页面 / CurseForge 页面)获取结构的英文名,即可在探险者指南针中搜索它。
  • Can’t find the structures you want? Try Explorer’s Compass!
  • 汤姆的简易存储Iron Chests储物抽屉精妙背包负责本整合包的存储。
  • Tom’s Simple Storage, Iron Chests, Storage Drawers, Sophisticated Backpacks make up the storage for this pack.
  • 450多种食物,配合生活调味料:胡萝卜版,给你带来疯狂吃吃吃的欲望。
  • More than 450 kinds of food, with Spice of Life: Carrot Edition, bring you crazy desire to eat and eat.
  • 海量 QoL 模组,为你带来游戏体验的多方面强化。
  • Trillions of QoL mods bring you a multi-faceted enhancement of your gaming experience.
  • 来自 Elenai Dodge 2 的闪避系统,装备重量的设定已经被手动移除(要是不移,你随便穿一套虚无的甲就只能进行一次闪避了)。
  • Dodge system of Elenai Dodge 2. The setting of the equipment weight has been manually removed (if it is not changed, you can only dodge once wearing a random armor set from AoA3).
  • 游戏太简单?冠军/强敌会在适当的时候给你当头一棒。当你进入虚无任意一阶维度时,稀有怪将开始生成;当你进入虚无任意二阶维度时,精英、传奇怪将开始生成;当你进入虚无任意三阶维度时,终极、浩劫怪将开始生成;当你进入塞尔瑞——唯一的四阶维度时,天启怪将开始生成。
  • Game too easy? The Champion will give you a blow in due course.


This modpack adds a new element to the background of AoA3: The Withr Storm.
This comes from what my friend said: “What if the chaos of AoA3 world were caused by the Wither Storm…?进入游戏,你将在虚无维度出生,踏出虚无传送门,你就会进入失落的城市,你需要在这片失落的大地上找到召唤凋灵风暴的残缺结构,召唤它,杀死它,才能开启虚无世界的大门。故事模式&地下城的盔甲会在此帮助你,但在凋灵风暴彻底灭亡后,它们的使命就会结束,变得再无用处。在你杀死凋灵,拿到下界之星(它才是真正的转折点)前,大部分虚无世界的生物都无法生成。
As you enter the game, you will spawn in the Nowhere dimension. Getting out of the Nowhere Portal, you will enter the Lost Cities Dimension. You need to find a broken Wither Storm Summoning Sturcture. Summon it, and kill it, after that you open the door of AoA3. Armors form Minecraft Story Mode and Minecraft Dungeons will also help you here, but after the Wither Storm is destroyed completely, their mission will meet the end, and they will become useless. Before you kill the Wither and Obtain the Nether Star (this item is the real corner), most of the mobs of AoA3 will not spawn.

如果你不想打凋灵风暴,只需要在进入失落的城市后输入指令即可跳过它(需要开启作弊):/tag @s add storm_destroyer。
If you do not want to fight against the Wither Storm, you only need to execute a commnd after entering the Lost Cities dimension: /tag @s add storm_destroyer.

Loot tables and world generation of various mods ar tweaked in this modpack, which ensure AoA3’s central position.
Have you ever thought about that creatures of Upgraded Aquatic should spawn In L’borean? The clowns in Celeve like to play cards? Baraoka is part of the Lelyetia Tribal?
That’s also what this modpack does.
A simple list:

  • 钢铁守护者的地牢现在会在黄金维度生成;
  • Dungeons of Ferrous Wroughtnaut will generate in Iromine dimension.
  • 霜冻巨兽现在会在深层维度生成;
  • Frostmaw will spawn In Deeplands dimension.
  • 冠军/强敌生成的强大怪物会更多地掉落 AoA3 的物品;
  • Mobs spawned by Champion will drop items of AoA3 more.
  • 碧海新生的生物会在暴风生成;
  • Creatures of Upgraded Aquatic will spawn in L’borean dimension.
  • 太阳酋长的部落会在赫尔维蒂生成;
  • The tribal of Baraoka will generate in Lelyetia dimension.
  • 玩具的小丑们会掉落万用卡牌中的卡牌;
  • Clowns in Celeve will drop the cards of Omnipotent Card.
  • 敲钟人的召唤物现在需要格瑞克维度的材料才能合成;
  • Item to summon Bellringer can’t be crafted without materials in Greckon dimension.
  • 福尔图娜女爵的召唤物现在需要爵士维度的材料才能合成;
  • Item to summon Dame Fortuna can’t be crafted without materials in Barathos dimension.
  • 沼泽巨颌怪的召唤物现在需要未知的材料才能合成;
  • Item to summon Swampjaw can’t be crafted without materials in Vox Ponds dimension.
  • Eyes in the darkness 模组的眼睛现在会在格瑞克自然生成。
  • Eyes of Eyes in the Darkness mod will naturally spawn in Greckon dimension.

三、想念虚无老版本的神装吗?本整合包重新设定了 AoA3 一些装备的属性。
Miss the powerful armor sets in old version of AoA3?This modpack remakes properties of some armors of AoA3.
Spaceking Armor Set:

Immune to falling and choking damage, afraid of water!
Shift + left-click to break an ancient rock, and shift + right-click when necessary to place the ancient rock and go back to where you broke the ancient rock.

Alacrity Armor Set:
Immue to falling damage, get Jump Boost IV effect.
Rosidian Armor Set:
Immue to poison damage. When the total durability is low than 66% of max durability, the owner will get Resistance I. When the total durability is lower than 33% of max durability, the owner will get Resistance II.
Lunar Armor Set:
Infinite night vision, immune to falling damage, get Jump Boost IV effect.
Knight Armor Set:
When the owner’s health is lower than 50% of max health, the owner will get Strength II effect.
Poison Armor Set:
Immune to poison damage. Get temporary Resistance when poisoned.
AoA3 Resource “RAGE” will be set to 100 when you are attacked.
Hold a vulcane (both mainhand and offhand are fine) and right-click to attack who hurt you(you don’t need to target the mob)
The true damage ignores the Vanilla Damage Immunity.

已知问题 – Bug


资源列表 – Content

注意事项 – Attention

图片欣赏 – Images

参考配置 – Configuration

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[1.16.5][虚无世界]虚无崛起 —— 「你自虚无中醒来,又将前往何方?」